Jeannette MacDonald

My name is Jeannette MacDonald, I am the proud mother of four whom all grew up in a small seaside town. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business and spent 18 years in the financial services sector as an employee of Fidelity Investments. The last 10 plus + I have managed and worked in the food and beverage industry.

I embarked on this journey to offer a high level of safety to companies to help protect their customers and employees. In today’s challenging world we all need additional reassurances that where we frequent with our friends and family is safe and clean. “ALL SAFE CLEAN” offers sanitizing and disinfecting services that creates a clean and sanitized environment. Our mission is to ultimately limit the opportunity of harmful agents that can make us and our loved ones sick. All of the products we use are free of harsh chemicals and are environmentally friendly.

Ian MacDonald

Ian MacdonaldMy name is Ian MacDonald, I am the second oldest of four children. I am a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. I am passionate about making a difference in this world and protecting the beautiful planet we have. I believe we should be taking measures to combat COVID-19, amongst various other viruses. Which is exactly why I started this work with my mother. Knowing your house or work area has been properly sanitized helps create a peace of mind that we all know is hard to come by these days. My mother and I have a passion in this work. My goal is to provide safe environmentally friendly sanitizing to companies, businesses, homes, and many more.